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RSS Rhiannyn

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1 point

That is an excellent point jessl! i agree! People expect us do be mature and have no parental help in the teen years. But then they're saying we don't have the right to watch am M rated movie???

0 points

Thats a good point Torz, - I certainly feel that i get bored during some PG- G movies

5 points

But what if the child is mature enough? and understand that this is a movie and it's not alright to be doing the things they do on the movie - and also they're is some M rated moves, that have great messages in them - they aren't all bad!

3 points

I think that if the child is mature enough to handle m movies then they should be able to watch them! Although ultimately it's up to the parents desicion what shows the kids are allowed tp watch, but i think that it's safe to say that a lot of 12 year old do watch M movies. People are saying that they shouldn't be able to watch M movies because of the Violence, Language, Sexual references etc. But isn't things like the news sometimes just as bad?? you see murders, suicides etc. on the news all the time. Watching M movies is preparing your child for what they're inevitably going to face in the future.

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