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RSS Zcoll6

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2 points

What you have said is true but if children are allowed to watch the movies they should be able to deferencitate between movies (not true stories) and reality! If they can't do that they are not prepared for the context in which m movies portray. And that comes back on the parents choice whether their children are prepared to watch those movies!!!

4 points

Exactly and it depends on the parents limitations to watch their children watch see participate in or experience.

0 points

That is really forceful and totally true rhi, I never thought about the fact that the news is so confronting and many kids watch it because their parents do!!! It is the same as 60 minutes and even some morning shows children may c in process for preparing for school

3 points

Perhaps they might have violent or sexual themes, but honestly you CAN'T protect your children from everything and if you do then when the time comes that they leave home it will be a culture shock. They WON'T understand things and everything will b scary or new to them this may cause children to reject what their parents did or they might never be able to understand or know what is really out there and at this age they are mature enough to tell themselves if it is too scary or too graphic, rather than their parent's deciding everything for them...

And as you said a movie is a movie not all stories are true!!! Children 12 years of age understand that and won't copy/imitate any behavior they watch knowing it is not true!!!!

3 points

I am with Mrs Noonan! PARENTS can decide if their child can watch M rated movies, knowing what the child can handle and how mature they are; meaning that they may or may not be allowed to watch a particular movie!!

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