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RSS Zachary

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1 point

I SO AGREE!!!! I mean, kids our age get stressed over finishing big assingments but homework gets in the way! But........ HMK also is a good way for kids to practise for Highschool and looking after themselves!

0 points

I've always thought news is just as bad as M movies! M movies are almost a reflection of what is happening on the news. And the news isn't made up but most movies are. Your right that kids will eventually face these problems sometime in their life.

Great argument!

1 point

Thats so true! I was caught out when my Mum said u can watch a certain movie but i decided myself it was a bit to graphic.

I see kids that are 8 running around pretending that they were power rangers from movies but when they are older they lose that habit and become more mature. Great Argument!

1 point

Yea, your right Bailey. Its also your parents choice, and if they're not ready for us to see whatwe will face in the future then thats their choice.

1 point

That is true! We can handle M movies. M movies dont really state that 15 and under age is prophited from watching them. So kids should feel free in watching M movies. good job!

1 point

I believe 12 year olds should be able to watch movies rated M. Kids at this age should be mature enough to handle the things that happen in the movie. All M movies no matter what they have in them is made to entertain or influence emotion to people watching the movie. It shouldn't be any difference with 12 year olds. Kids know or should know that WHatever is happening they would face someday anyway. I go with the idea that Kids should be able to watch these movies. =] I also believe 12 year olds should because most movies today are being madewith worse and harsher ratings. If you go into a video store and look around the majority of the movies are m or above. Also, most of my favourite movies are M. XD

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About Me

"In love with hardstyle! enjoys soccer and sport. Alsoloves this sight!!! This is so cool!"

Biographical Information
Name: Zachary Barnes
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 27983
Religion: Christian-other

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