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12 year olds should to be allowed M rated movies.

12 year olds should be allowed to watch M's :

12 year olds should be allowed to watch M's because we are much more muchuer at that age because we would not repeat what has happened in the film in everyday life with violence and swearing. We should be allowed because it shows we can be trusted by our elders letting us know they trust us enough to be responsile to watch M rated movies. Watching an M rated movie would give us the exicitment to watch an M. I a m for this debate!

12 year olds shouldn't be allowed to watch M's:

I believe 12 year ols shouldn't watch M's because not ally 12 aged kids will behave and show muchuerity. Tey also cusre and show violence all by unsuitable films also causing problems with parents with their children. Kids watch these movies and get the wrong idea about things and would watch these elder movies instead of playing cricket or having fun in the fresh air. We shouldn't let such a young age watch a 15 and up aged M rated movies, it was aged at that minimum for a reason. I am against this debate!


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I will start of by saying that children of a suitable age should be alowed to watch M rated movies. I believe that 12 year olds are of a suitable age to be watching these movies, because they can handle the violence. They know better than to attempt some of the gruesome things that are displayed on M rated movies. Children are getting bored of watching the same old innocent stories that they have seen a hundred times. We need to give them some fredom and let them live a little. Because the big wide world isn't going to be as innocent as a fairytale.

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I believe that it is up to the maturity of the child and the way that the child handles violence, adult themes and violent language. The parents are responsible for their children and that includes the movies that they watch, not the child. Certain M rated movies are worse than others and therefore the child may be allowed to watch some M rated films and not others. However if a child is responsible, mature and sensible then they would feel more comfortable watching higher graphic movies.

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A 12 years old guy will be matue enough to watch a m rated movie. My son were 12 now, he watch it.

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Don't we all trust our kids???? We all know that you gonna have to trust them someday. Why not start now ?????

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we are mature yeahhhhhhh!

fat pack is in the house!!!

i like pizza and ther is education ma movies so that my argument for having my own 12 year old kid can watch ma

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