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That is true Zoe we can't be kept from all of sexual themes as well as language and all the others but it all comes down to maturity!

BUT some M rated movies can pollute your mind!

(sexual themes, language!!!)

That is from my perspective,

Once you've seen it, You keep seeing those kind of things or saying those kind of things!!

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12 year olds shouldn't be able to watch M rated movies because most of the movies have violent parts or sexual themes as well as bad language for our age to hear.

We don't need to know those things until we get more mature and don't have these stories/ movies in your head! It can influence us and can act out our life!

If kids watch these movies constantly instead of PG also G movies we can sometimes it is okay to do what he/she said which is not true...

A movie is a movie, not all movies are true stories!!!!

Twelve year olds can watch OTHER movies insteads of M rated!!

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