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I honestly don't see any 12-year-olds like myself going ahead and copying scenes from a movie. Most of us are much more mature than people think. I know, however, that there are some kids who just aren't as mature. That doesn't mean they will never mature, it just shows variety in humans. Here in the States, movies that would be rated M are rated R, where as long as an adult accompanies them, they can watch. So I think it's based on maturity. If their parent really thinks they would COPY a scene from, say, a fire fight, then go ahead. Don't allow your child to watch. If you think that your child is mentally secure enough to watch a movie like a regular person, please. Let them watch the movie. This debate is raging in all topics, like video games and TV shows. Sometimes even books. But I personally think that most 12-year-olds are mature enough to watch a movie without getting themselves or others hurt.

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