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This is Jessl

I cannot even believe that this topic is up for debate. The answer is clear: 12 year olds should be allowed to watch M rated movies. So many already do. I mean why shouldn't they? Aren't they mature enough? They are about to go into high school and have everyone expect them to have to do everything by themselves, no parental help. So why can't they watch these harmless movies. And, yes, I know that some people believe that 12 years olds will copy what they see or something like that, but all we need responsibility and this is a perfect example. If we ban 12 year olds from watching M rated movies, it is like saying that we expect them to become mature instantly. They need to take little steps to becoming the mature 20 year old that lives by themself. So, yes it is clear to say that I am STRONGLY AGAINST this view.

I am changing my account FYI

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